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Twilight Crusaders: City of Heroes

Twilight Crusaders is a gaming guild founded in 2004 on the Guardian server of City of Heroes. Since then our members have estabilished presences in World of Warcraft, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars, and of course we are still playing City of Heroes. Our members represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds, interests, and personalities. We all share a love of gaming, a belief in the respect of others, and an appreciation for new like-minded players.

If you are interested in learning more about Twilight Crusaders, please visit our forums and drop us a line.


Early access for Star Wars: The Old Republic has begun! Twilight Crusaders and Psychotic Crusaders are established on the Space Slug server. If you registered with one of the guilds during pre-launch you should receive a guild invite after creating your first character with the appropriate alignment. If you need an invite to either guild hop on our TeamSpeak server or hit the forums.

After many years of waiting, Twilight Crusaders finally owns the twilightcrusaders.com domain name! In order to assure smooth access to the site and forums, please update your bookmarks to use http://twilightcrusaders.com for the website and http://twilightcrusaders.com/phpBB3/ for the forums.

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